do's & don't s of uae


Despite its modern outlook, United Arab Emirates strictly follows Islamic laws which should be respected by all travelers. Islam is the official religion, therefore do not criticize or distribute material that speaks against it..


Alcohol is widely available at bars, restaurants, hotels, and leisure clubs. You cannot purchase alcohol from a supermarket. It is against the law to walk in the street drinking alcohol or to be drunk in a public place. You are not allowed to drink and drive; and this means a total ban on the consumption of alcohol whilst in charge of a motor vehicle; this includes the day after the night before. If you are caught drinking and driving you will face a prison sentence, if you are in doubt about the alcohol limits in your blood take a taxi. Note: Alcohol is completely banned in Sharjah.


There is zero tolerance in the United Arab Emirates in relation to drugs and illegal substances. The penalties are extremely harsh and should you be found with the slightest amount of any substance you could face the death penalty. Passenger baggage is screened quite thoroughly when entering the country on this front.


Gay and lesbian travelers should be particularly careful, as homosexuality is a criminal offense with possible deportation, and should also avoid any public displays of affection or cross-dressing.


When taking a photograph in Dubai, please bear in mind local people wearing national dress may take exception if photographed without their permission. Please avoid taking pictures, especially of women wearing national dress. Also as applied in many countries worldwide photography of government buildings including Sheik’s palaces & security personnel is prohibited.


Women should dress sensibly and avoid wearing revealing outfits when in public areas, especially in places like malls, monuments, and Mosques where more families tend to visit. While swimsuits and bikinis are a common sight on Dubai beaches, avoid sunbathing topless or wearing micro bikinis - even on the private beach of a hotel. Note: Women are not allowed to wear swimwear on public beaches in Sharjah.

Sex & Public affection

Public display of affection is frowned upon and public smooching & sexual acts can lead to jail time followed by deportation.


It is not appropriate for men to walk along the street bare-chested. It is very advisable that females avoid wearing very short skirts or revealing tops as you may attract unwanted attention


Topless sunbathing is not permitted on the beaches.